Information about Covid 19 in Austria

The well-being of our guests, hosts and locals is of top priority in the current situation, which is why Austria has a number of measures against coronavirus in place. In addition to the below listed national regulations, there can be a need for regional actions.

When do you have to wear a face covering in Austria?
A face mask must be worn…

  • on public transport
  • on cable cars and in taxis
  • in indoor areas of ships on lake and river cruises
  • in healthcare settings (e.g. at the doctor’s or chemist’s)
  • in all shops, bakeries, post offices, banks
  • in all public indoor areas at museums, train stations etc.
    in all public indoor areas in hotels and in restaurants whenever you’re away from the table.
  • at indoor events (there are exceptions for events with dedicated seats)
  • wherever a minimum distance of two metres cannot be maintained (e.g. in the service sector, such as at the hairdresser’s)
  • at outdoor markets

Do children need to wear face masks?
Children under 7 are not required to wear masks.

Does a minimum distance have to be maintained?
As a matter of principle, a distance of at least one metre must be kept between yourself and those living in another household. There are exceptions, such as within groups in restaurants or on public transport when high passenger numbers mean that social distance cannot be maintained.

Which measures are in place at restaurants?
There is a closing time of 1 a.m. Reservations and contactless payments are recommended. Guests do not have to uphold the one metre distance within their own group. Staff have to wear masks. Guests have to wear masks whenever they’re away from their table. In Vienna, guests will need to provide contact details. Find further information on the protection against coronavirus in Austria’s hotels and restaurants here.

Which measures are in place at accommodation establishments?
The usual protective measures (one metre distance, hygiene rules…) apply at accommodation establishments. Find further information on the protection against coronavirus in Austria’s hotels and restaurants here.

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